Keeping up with Kylie and Kendall

2 years ago on 15 Feb, 12 | 9 notes

I’m seeing so much hate on the Kardashian family. If you dont support or love them, its fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. When you call Kim ” a slut “, or kylie “famous for nothing” or kendall “ugly” or Khloe “fat. It is not getting you anywhere. I hate all this negativity honestly. 



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Hi Dolls. Type in the URL for this amazing dash doll, Thank you! :] 

2 years ago on 21 Jan, 12

Your blog is really cute.. Love it.. My favourite kardashian-jenner is kendall.. She's so gorgeous.. I also posts about them, check out? Thanks :)

Thank you so much doll, I’m so glad that people like it. I’ll make sure to check your tumblr out right away!

2 years ago on 21 Jan, 12

for the person who asked, I found the video for Kendall’s Sweet 16! 

2 years ago on 17 Jan, 12

FINALLY found a Kendall's Sweet 16 Link 


probably the slowest person in the world but if anyone else wants it…

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Do you know where can I watch kendalls sweet 16 episode?

You can try looking it up on youtube but I don’t think the quality is that good.

2 years ago on 17 Jan, 12

5 things I love about Kendall.

1. Instead of asking for presents for herself at her party, she asked people to donate gifts for the kids.

2. How Kendall didn’t want a big Sweet Sixteen.

3. How down to earth she is.

4. How much she loves spending time with Masey.

5. How she feels comfortable with her height and she still wears heels.

1 things I don’t like:

1. personally to be honest this isn’t about Kendall but when she failed her driving test the 1st time and how everyone was saying ‘It’s just for tv.’ You could just see in HER eyes she really wanted to pass it so much.

2 years ago on 17 Jan, 12